Next stop on Southern Hospitality Tour

Cruising in Motor Coach style to TITUSVILLE

Our night in Jacksonville was a relaxing one. We met Model, Katie Combs, and she allowed us to “driveway surf” and hookup our electrical to her home. She has 16 acres and would be great to come back and set up a shoot there.

Meeting some great folks on our journey is always a bonus. We met Melissa having breakfast at Denny’s. She was a spunky girl with great comebacks.
When we arrived to Titusville, a buddy from High school, Jose Rodriguez, stopped by to catch up on days when we played baseball. Jose is a Photographer as well and told us his experiences shooting Space X.
Tony had two friends as well stop by: Jeff & another Tony.
It was great to hear their stories talking about one day, they went to a club in Jacksonville and Jeff was allowed to enter for free. The bouncer of the club looked at Tony and said, “$60”. Those two just laughed and left.
Great times, great stories.

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